Goodly Foods

Goodly Foods make incredibly great-tasting, wholesome food using surplus produce that would have otherwise gone to waste. Those slightly imperfect tomatoes, excess squash, oversupply of potatoes, beets and other hearty vegetables make excellent soups, stews and irresistibly nourishing meals. Goodly Foods Society was created from the desire to make good food from surplus natural ingredients, and give people with barriers to traditional employment good jobs in the process.

Design for website

Complete rebuild of the Goodly Foods website to provide a fast, stable and customizable platform for showcasing products.

Including a store locator, filterable blog section, e-commerce style functionality and infographics.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Project Management


Visit the website

Website development by Mintstone.
It is great to see the new Goodly website live. Incredible feedback, so you all have done an excellent job!
- Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO - Goodly Foods


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